How to Prevent Dog Barking in Your Apartment

How to Prevent Dog Barking in Your Apartment. When you go for work or visit your family, and your dog will be alone for all day long. When you come back home , the  neighbors complain about your dog that barked all the time. Dogs bark because they need attention from you or they feel bored. Here are how How to Prevent Dog Barking in Your Apartment :

1.Provide comfortable room for dog

How to Prevent Dog Barking in Your Apartment













Give them toys, turn on the radios. Before you go to work, it is better to walk with your pup on leash the morning. You can rent the Dog Walker; people who will bring your dog outside and make them happy and tire.

2. Give them  reward

Leave such as peanut butter or cream cheese, keeps your dog busy as she tries to get the food out of the toy. You can make the game even more challenging by freezing the toy with the food in it before giving it to your dog. When you get home, take away the toy.

You can also give them a marrow bone, Kong Chew Toy with treats that pop out when rolled around. This toys make them busy, leave them with it and come a few minutes and ignoring them. Do it 3 or four times.

3. Block the outside views

How to Prevent Dog Barking in Your Apartment

How to Prevent Dog Barking in Your Apartment

















You should close the window to block views. Sometimes dog will bark the the leave falls down, or other simply thing. Make sure to close the windows, give toys and turn on television before you go. After you come back home and find your dog stay calm and quite, do not forget to give the reward. I do not recommend to use bark collar.

4. Nutritious food

Dog need warm place, a lot of food and water. Do not forget to provide all these things before going to work. Give nutritious foods.

4. Professional dog trainer

If you still try to fixed it, you can ask the professional help. A smart professional will be alert to all these possibilities and can work with you herself or refer you appropriately. You can sit back and relax. there are also class for dog.

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How To Train a Dog to Walk On a Leash

How To Train a Dog to Walk On a Leash – There are no hard and fast rules on training dog to take to a collar and leash. Some dogs are easy to walk on leash and some are not.  it is basic train for your dog, so you can walk them at park, But the most important thing are  patience, calmness, confidence, taking it slowly. Here are the tips;

1.Choose the right collars. Your dog needs an appropriate collar that fits him properly, as well as a suitable leash. Begin with short, positive sessions , if you have a puppy or an adult who has never been leash trained,. But if you don’t plan to compete and prefer to have your dog on your right, that’s your choice, and for most sports, dogs are taught to walk on the handler’s left side.


picture : wikihow

2. Give reward. If your dog walk without pulling and nicely, mark and give it reward. Most dogs love wieners, cheese, cooked chicken or ham, small jerky treats or freeze-dried liver. Chop all treats into small peanut-sized cubes. Afteralk in a loop around the room and once you’ve completed a lap, change direction. If your dog follow you, give it reward or food, bu if not you say “come command.

The instant the leash goes slack, mark and reward, and then resume walking. . You may have to spend a few days going for short, slow walk, so If your dog pulls again, stop again. But many dogs figure out very quickly that pulling slows progress rather than speeds it up.

3. Walk outdoor. Walk with your dog in garden first.  Consider all walks training sessions and  keep training sessions frequent, short and fun for your dog until  your dog learns to walk without pulling. It is important to shorten the leash by coiling it around your hand when walking near traffic.  it is essential that you instantly stop the walk, stand still and wait for her to calm down, every time your dog gets out of control, before continuing.

4. Introduce the “heel” command. Give the command as you walk without using reats.  Give praise when the dog slows down to your pace, . If she doesn’t, stop the walk and wait for a minute. When stopped, the dog will realize that her action had a consequence. Most dogs will have a positive association with the “heel” command by this point, and will comply instinctively.

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