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The online dog trainer reviews have proven method to create strong and good relationship with your dog. Do you face the most stubborn dog right now? And dont know what to do?? So it is important to learn how to be Pack leader. The pack leader for your dog is important where you will get the method how to control your dog mind and body . It will lead your puppy become a good dog. No collar, No Yelling, No punishment method and Proven method, for example:









  1. Feeding Schedule
  2. How To Train A Dog Not To Bark
  3. How To Train a Dog to Walk On a Leash
  4. How To Train A Dog Not To Bite
  5. How to stop dog Eating Poop (Coprophagia)
  6. How to stop dog Jumping Up On Your Furniture
  7. Etc

The online dog trainer reviews belong to Daniel Abdel noor or known as Doggy dan he is professional Dog New Zealand. He has answers to face all your dog problem issues. He share the easiest way to obedient dog.

What you get From online trainer?

  1. Five simple Golden Rules to obedient dog and quickly transform how your dog responds to you. You can train your puppy live at home. The solution to train puppy becomes a wonderful dog to you and your family. The are 31 Videos (Plus Audios, Articles and PDF Downloads).
  2. Big Secret to Be pack Leader                                                                                                   There are 41 Videos + Audios, Articles and PDF Downloads where you can learn how to turn your dog a lovely, happy and become your family. Also available videos and training related to How To Raise The Perfect Puppy. Every videos and method for every problem.You can keep the video tutorial in member area about chewing Issues when dealing with puppy.
  3. Secret Success to raise Puppy
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Just imagine finally having that lovely dog that not only listens to what you say, but also behaves when you need them to. This means no more headaches, no more frustration, and no more embarrassment for you.

The Good news are online Dog Trainer Is Easy & Fun And Works For ALL BREEDS of Dogs. A 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the program.

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How to toilet train your dog should be quite a simple process, as long as you take the time and trouble to get into a good routine.

how-to-toilet-train-a-dogHow to Toilet Train A Dog or how house train a dog or puppy requires far more than a few stacks of old newspapers—it calls for vigilance, patience, plenty of commitment and above all, consistency.

Pick a bathroom spot outside, While your puppy is eliminating, use a word or phrase, like “go potty,” that you can eventually use before he eliminates to remind him what to do. Take him out for a longer walk or some playtime only after he has eliminated.

Initially, you will have to build your routine around your puppy’s needs, and these are reliably predictable when they are very young. Puppies need to urinate immediately after waking up, so you need to be there to take your puppy straight into the garden without any delay.

Eating its meal stimulates its digestive system, and puppies normally urinate within fifteen minutes of eating, and defecate within half an hour of eating (although this might vary slightly with each individual).

Puppies have very poor bladder control, and need to urinate at least every hour or two. They can urinate spontaneously when they get excited, so take your puppy out frequently if it has been active, playing or exploring.

Pick up your puppy’s water dish about two and a half hours before bedtime to reduce the likelihood that she’ll need to potty during the night. Most puppies can sleep for approximately seven hours without having to eliminate.

How-to-Toilet-Train-A-DogYou may find it useful to keep a record of when your puppy eats sleeps, urinates and defecates. A simple diary list will do. Repeat cue words like ‘wee wees’ and ‘poo poos’ or ‘be busy’ and ‘be clean’ while the puppy is actually urinating or defecating. Use different words for each action so that you will be able to prompt the puppy later on.

Always go with your puppy into the garden so you are there to reward and attach the cue words to the successful actions! Fortunately, puppies are creatures of habit, so as long as you introduce the garden to your puppy as its toilet area early on, you should be able to avoid most of the common pitfalls.

If your puppy does wake you up in the night, don’t make a big deal of it; otherwise, he will think it is time to play and won’t want to go back to sleep. Turn on as few lights as possible, don’t talk to or play with your puppy, take him out to do his business and return him to his bed. Check useful article about How To Train A Puppy Not to Chew

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