How to Get Rid the Fleas on Dog – Flea will annoy your lovely dogs. With bathing and treatment on your dog, you can kill the fleas. But it is important to prevent the flea come back again.

  1. Wash the dog with  shampoo specifically formulated for flea treatment.Then leave it about 10 minutes and wash again. Dry the dog under sunlight or you can use hair dryer. Do not use sulfur based shampoos on cats.


2. Flea Combs are used to removed flea.  Your dog will love your extra hand on their  skin.

3. Apply the medication right away, Examples of these products include Advantage ® II Topical Flea Treatment for Dogs and Frontline® Plus.Since many dog products can be very harmful if used on cats, read the label carefully permethrins on cats.  Shed at the base of the skin of the head or neck, and other places that cannot be licked himself by a dog. In order to be completed, should be repeated 2-3 weeks later. The dose according to the dog’s weight. Usually the drug delivery is done after first cleaning with lice shampoo.

4.  Add a teaspoon   of apple cider vinegar to  your dog’s drinking water as another deterrent.Feed your dog with nutritious foods. you can also deter fleas by adding brewer’s yeast powder or tablets to the food.

5. Use lemon spray or  that powerful to kill lice eggs. Fleas do note like citrus. Cut lemon and boil it. Use the water to rinse your dog after a bath. Other like essential oils of lavender, citronella and lemongrass. The oils will kill any remaining fleas and will act as a preventive.

6.  After your dog on treatment, make sure  washing and drying pet bedding. Vacuuming below drapes, under furniture edges, and where your pet sleeps.

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