How To Train Puppies

how-to-train-dogsHow To Train Puppies-Learning how to train dogs properly is important if you want yours to be obedient and fun to be around. Dogs are simple, loving creatures that want to please their owners. In order fo them to fulfill that desire, they need to have the proper tools andeducation.Training a dog or a puppy or an older dog takes time.The first commands that a dog needs to know are sit, stay, no, lie down and come. Start with sit, then move onto stay, come and then lie down. The command does not need reinforcement, but most dog learn this command with housebreaking. It is important to be consistent and train the dog daily for about 30 minutes a day. After training, there should be a little playtime.

Here are tips how to train dogs:

1. how to train a dog to sit, you will need a six-foot lead and some small dog treats. This training should be done every day for about a week until the dog knows and performs the command. Never yell at a dog during training. Gently pat the dog’s rear as you are saying sit. Reward him or her with a treat, as the dog sits, Walk the dog a few feet and repeat the command while gently pressing down on the rear and then reward.

2 . Teaching a dog to stay. Using the lead, tell the dog to sit.
When the dog sits, say good boy or girl and reward with a small treat. While putting your hand the stop position like a crossing guard does, tell the dog to stay and gradually walk back four feet while holding the lead. Wait two minutes, then walk back to the dog and praise with a reward. Repeat this step gradually walkinga full six feet and returning. After a week, drop the lead and command the dog to stay while you walk thirty feet away. Then practice walking out of sight

3. Training a dog to come is going to come right after they learn to stay. Use the lead, tell the dog to sit and stay. Walk the full six feet away and tell the dog to come while gentlypulling on the lead. When the dog comes to your side, reward with a treat. Repeat this step and gradually workthe distance until you reach forty feet. After this success, leave the dogs sight and when you reappear, ask the dog to come and reward.

4. It is easy to train the dog the no command . When the dog is doing something wrong, say no and point your finger at the dog. The no command is probably already being learned since you had the dog, but somedogs do not understand what is meant by no. The understanding of no is usually understood with housebreaking.

5. Always be consistent with your wording of the commands.Keep telling the dog the commands as they age, they can forget or choose to disobey.

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How To Train Puppies

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