How To Train Your Dog To Come-Not all dogs respond immediately when called, even by the owner though. Need to exercise early on, so that an easy dog ​​to respond when called. Try using some of the following tricks:

How To Train Your Dog To Come

How To Train Your Dog To Come

Begin in the lower area of ​​disturbance. If you are in a confined space, you do not need a dog leash. If you are outside without a fence, use a leash to make sure the dog does not escape when she did not respond properly. However, do not use the rope to pull it towards you.
Prepare some food / toys preferred by dogs. Then show the food / toy is and immediately move on away from the dog. Position the body toward the dog and crawl by placing a hand containing food / toy had lower front and a short distance from your body. As soon as the dog starts moving towards you, say “Yes / Yes!” And give praise.
When the dog is approaching your area, give food or a favorite toy and give praise back. Hold the food / toy close to your body so that the dog is near you. At the same time, get used to held it and hold by holding collar gently. Repeat this trick several times.
If your dog does not come over when you crouch down and call him, then show food / toy that you hold and persuade him to come to you.
After a few repetitions and the dog already responds correctly, begin saying a command with the name of your dog in front of the word, such as “dogy, Come / here !.” Say the command with the cheerful voice of the fun. And always end with a delightful praise when the dog responds correctly. After some practice and repetition, try calling your dog without having to move or take one or two steps to get his attention. This is to further hone responsiveness.

It should be noted:
Make exercise fun atmosphere, not like exercise mil-liter                                                     
   2. Soon after the dog until your place, immediately give the treat / word of praise / caress (something fun for him) so the dog knows that his actions are correct.
If during training, the dog has not been able to do well do not scold. scolded better than to try to repeat it and if it can not also give it time.
At practice, if the dog already looks tired should stop first or be invited to play first to revive his spirits.
The word commands that can be used in any way you want does not have to “come”, such as “come here”, “here” etc. the important thing is to be consistent and should use the name of the dog before the command word.

Note: This training can be used also for adult dogs. how to train puppies


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